King Diamond & Mercyful Fate

These midi files were sequenced by Audible Distortion. They are free to use. Distribution is not allowed.

Band Album Song min KB
King Diamond Fatal Portrait The Candle 6:3853,0
Charon 4:1737,9
Abigail Abigail 4:5039,4
The Dark Sides The Lake 4:1434,2
The Spider's Lullaby The Poltergeist 4:2821,4
The Graveyard I'm not a Stranger 4:0128,2
Voodoo Voodoo 4:3434,6
A Secret 4:0532,9
Sarah's Night 3:2210,6
The Exorcist 4:5032,1
House of God This Place is Terrible 5:1934,2
Abigail II: The Revenge Miriam 5:0736,5
Mommy 6:1630,6
Mercyful Fate Nuns Have No Fun Devil Eyes 5:5182,1
Melissa Melissa 6:3533,0
Don't Break the Oath Gypsy 3:0527,7
To One Far Away 1:347,8
Come to the Sabbath 5:0939,6
In the Shadows Egypt 4:5962,1
The Old Oak 8:5294,8
Shadows 4:4347,6
Return of the Vampire 5:1548,8
Time The Mad Arab 4:4338,8
My Demon 4:3637,8
Lady in Black 3:3928,6
Into the Unknown The Uninvited Guest 4:0938,5
9 Insane 2:5632,3