Musical Calculators

These calculators were created by Audible Distortion. They are free to use.

MC Pitch1.014.04.2015
MC Time1.014.04.2015
MC Phase1.014.04.2015

MC Pitch

MC Pitch calculates the note name, midi note number, sound frequency, phase time, and wave length from each other. It also calculates these parameters for the overtones. Notes can be entered also on the staff or keyboard.

MC Time

MC Time calculates the quarters and ticks for MIDI timing from the note duration/position based on the PPQ. It also converts duration in physical time, repetition frequency, and sound travel distance into each other. With a given BPM, musical and physical times can be translated to each other. Finally, MC Time calculates several tables for musical and physical timing.

MC Phase

MC Phase calculates the amount of boost or cancellation for two sound sources based on frequency, distance/delay, and volume.